Taking Tamoxifen

Taking Tamoxifen to help prevent breast cancer recurrence can be scary – there are so many side effects! Here I talk about my own experience with this drug.

My Exchange Surgery – From Tissue Expanders to Implants

I only had a few day’s notice that my exchange surgery was going ahead but I wasn’t at all worried or nervous. At least not about the surgery itself, I was finally getting rid of these uncomfortable tissue expanders and getting my implants. I was both worried and nervous that my surgery would be cancelled… Continue reading My Exchange Surgery – From Tissue Expanders to Implants

A Few Days Away

Before I found out I had cancer Simon had purchased a travel auction voucher for a few days away in Port Broughton, a beachside town a couple of hours from Adelaide. We have just spent the last few days there and it was so nice. We spent a lot of time fishing. I know, this… Continue reading A Few Days Away

A Second Opinion

After I sat down and talked with my surgeon, I knew exactly how I need to move forward with my treatment. There was only one way in my mind that I could get the results that I want – a life that is cancer-free and worry-free. I committed to it, booked my surgery and was… Continue reading A Second Opinion

Feeling Lucky

Click here to start at the beginning of my story Ever since hearing those dreaded words “you have breast cancer” it has been all consuming. Barely five minutes goes past without me thinking about it. My way of coping means learning all I can and being as prepared as I can be for all eventualities.… Continue reading Feeling Lucky

A Lot to Give Up

Click here to start at the beginning of my story Giving up my breasts was an easy decision, after all, they are trying to kill me. Actually doing it will be hard, and the recovery will be harder, but they are not the only things I will give up thanks to cancer. Before this I… Continue reading A Lot to Give Up

That Day this Journey Began

Only one week after this photo was taken at sunrise on the banks of Lake Louise, Canada, my cancer journey began.

Oh, boy, where to start! There wasn’t really one day that this all began, but rather a series of days. I guess though this all started sometime over the weeks we were travelling in Canada and the US in August/September 2019. Little did I know I was about to undertake a journey of a different… Continue reading That Day this Journey Began