Josie’s Journey

Navigating the bumpy breast cancer road

Josie’s Story

Navigating Breast Cancer

Life After Breast Cancer

Have you just started this journey?

We all know how terrifying a breast cancer diagnosis is! We’ve seen all the horrific stories in the media and on the internet and they are scary! While your road may be rocky for a little while, it’s much easier to walk with hope and positivity and confidence. Read inspirational stories rather than scary ones and face this battle with a glass-half-full attitude in the free Facebook group. Just click the button below to join. I look forward to seeing you there.

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Hey there, I’m Josie!
I’ve just been through a couple of rough years, but I’m out the other side now and I want to share all I learned with you, to help you navigate the bumpy road that breast cancer puts before us. It can be so scary at the beginning, but with a little help and reassurance from those who have walked this road before, it can be a much easier journey. Let me be that guide.
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