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Welcome to my story. In October 2019, at the age of 46, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The diagnosis came out of the blue. I have no family history and have always been fit and healthy. Once I got over the shock, I decided to document each part of this journey and hopefully my story can be a comfort to others who have just heard those dreaded words!

I am hoping to show that not everyone will have a horrific experience with breast cancer. A diagnosis no longer means imminent death. We are all so scared at the beginning though that’s the first thing that we think of. While I also acknowledge I’ve been very lucky and cancer isn’t this easy for everyone, I hope my story will help to alleviate some fears and calm some nerves.

I am always available to answer questions through the comments on my posts or through my Facebook page here.

Josie’s Journey is a play on words with my main blog Josie Wanders where I write about all things travel.

Popular Posts

These posts represent the main milestones throughout my cancer journey. Click through the links at the bottom of each one to get to the next chronological post, often describing my recovery.

That Day This Journey Began

Read about how I started down this breast cancer road. My story is a little different to most.

Lumpectomy & Finally the Results

My first ever operation was a lumpectomy to find out if I did have cancer. Here's how it all went.

My Bilateral Mastectomy with Tissue Expanders

Read all the details about my mastectomy and subsequent hospital stay.

My First Expander Fill

Read a blow by blow account of the first time saline was added to my expanders

Exchange Surgery - From Expanders to Implants

Here's how my exchange surgery went when I swapped my expanders for implants.

Nipple Reconstruction

Read about how I decided to have my nipples reconstructed and how it went

Hints and Tips

These posts are ones I’ve written to help you out with your own cancer experience – or to help you understand someone close to you. 

What to Say to Someone with Breast Cancer

Wondering how to approach someone with cancer? Here I give some hints and tips.

Travelling with Tissue Expanders After Mastecomy

I wasn't sure if the expanders would be an issue at airport security when I travelled internationally.

What to Take to Hospital for Breast Surgery

After two surgeries here are the things I worked out I had to take with me to hospital for my third!

Testing Temporary Nipples

To help decide if I want nipple reconstruction I tested out some temporary nipples.

Taking Tamoxifen

I hear so many stories of being nervous about Tamoxifen. Here I talk about me experience to hopefully allay some of those fears

Coping with Breast Cancer

Here are all my best hints & tips for getting through cancer the best way I know how.

Do You Have Dense Breasts?

Here I tell you what it means to have dense breasts and why you need to know.

Inspirational Quotes for Breast Cancer

All my favourite quotes to help with a positive mindset on both good days and bad