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A Beginner’s Guide to Breast Cancer

Let me start this with a disclaimer – I am not a medical professional. The things I’ve written here are my perspective, research and opinions. While I hope that you will find some information here useful, do not rely on this as medical advise, please confirm everything with your own doctors. You are likely here reading this post because you have had a recent breast cancer diagnosis. Right now you are scared, confused and overwhelmed. You are likely in the middle of a whirlwind of tests and scans and you feel like you are being swept along out of control …

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Bilateral Mastectomy Pictures

As I have been going through my breast cancer experience over the last year, I have found comfort and motivation in sharing my story with you all.  This post will show my bilateral mastectomy pictures from start to finish, all in the one post. Have you joined a breast cancer support group on Facebook but been completely overwhelmed by some of the posts? It’s fantastic that these groups are an open forum and all sorts of questions, worries and issues are address, but sometimes they can be too much, in fact downright scary. If you would still like to join …

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